About us

Dynamism and tradition since 1965

Since it was founded by Ariel Bernheim in 1965, the Firm has practiced law in a spirit which can be defined as both dynamic and traditional.

Dynamic in that it is constantly aware of legal developments in its practice areas.

Traditional by its respect of the essential values required of a lawyer: professional secrecy, total dedication to the client, seeking the most efficient and appropriate solutions for the latter.




Various business fields

The firm has a particularly dynamic commercial practice: advice and assistance to corporations in their specific areas of activity (incorporation and organisation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, compliance, contracts), as well as in exceptional circumstances (restructuring and receivership, both judicial and extra judicial composition, including banking, bankruptcy, business criminal law, particularly in relation to money laundering and corruption, international judicial assistance in civil, criminal or administrative matters), as well as in the area of civil liability in general, and more specifically that of professionals: owners, entrepreneurs, doctors, directors, auditors….

All aspects of real estate and administrative law, including procurement contracts, are two other areas for which the firm has established a solid reputation.

A constant support

The firm remains at the client’s side at all times and whatever the circumstances, so as to advise on all aspects of both his private and professional life: family law, the law relating to children, marriage, divorce, guardianship, protection of personality, as well as relationships between individuals and with public entities, in particular regarding one’s privacy (i.e. professional or banking secrecy), or any infringement affecting an individual’s personality or reputation. Furthermore, the Firm is particularly active in all aspects of inheritance law (estate planning, foundations, trusts) and of criminal law.

The working languages spoken by the Firm are French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Hebrew.