Catherine Ming

Admitted to the Geneva Bar

Law degree, University of Geneva

Certificate of superior studies in Mediation, Kurt Bösch Academic Institute

Certified Specialist mediator SBA (Swiss Bar Association)

Mediator sworn in Court

Certificate of Advanced Studies "La Parole de l'enfant en Justice", University Institute Kurt Bösch/Institut des Droits de l'Enfant Sion, june 2015

French - English - Italian


Catherine Ming obtained a law degree at the University of Geneva (1980), was admitted to the Bar (1982) and first practiced with an eminent Professor of contract and commercial law, Pierre Engel. She then was the associate of an international business law firm, Mayor & Balser. After having drafted a commentary on international sale of goods, she joined our firm as an independent associate in 1993.

Catherine Ming participated in 2015 in the formation of an association for the defence of the rights of minors (, which she chaired from 2001 to 2009 and where she serves on committee. Furthermore, she launched in 2014 the SBA Commission of the Rights of the Child of which she's Vice-Chairman.

As an attorney specialized in mediation, Catherine Ming experienced this alternative conflict resolution method in several European Countries and has knowledge of the practice of mediation in a Geneva based international organization. In February 2018, Me Catherine Ming is elected of the Swiss Bar Association Mediaton Commission.


Practice areas

Catherine Ming advises private clients in transitions and at important stages of their life. Her experience goes from the drafting of contracts to executorship and inheritance litigation, as well as adult and child protection matters. She also practices in more general matters requiring litigation.

She is a registered mediator in matters before the civil and criminal Courts of the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud.

Involved in advocating for the defense of children’s voices in the justice system, Catherine Ming was active in the committee of the Swiss branch of the NGO Défense des Enfants International ( and within Juris Conseil Junior, where she's still very much involved today (

Since fall 2014, she has been appointed Vice-Chairman of the Children’s Rights Committee held by the Geneva Bar Association and in this function she organizes conferences on the subject of children in the justice system

Professional affiliations

Geneva Bar Association

Swiss Lawyer Association

Political Activities

Catherine Ming has been a member of the Founex (Vaud) legislative authorities (1994-2009), a member of its economy committee (1995-1997) and of its finance committee which she chaired (2007-2009). She was elected as a member of the scholar authorities of the secondary degree in the district of Coppet (1995-2004) which she chaired (2000-2004) and as the vice-chairman of the cantonal scholar authorities (Union des Commissions Scolaires Vaudoises 1996-1999).