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Lionel HalpérinLionel Halpérin has been advising the Mubarak family in Switzerland since 2011.

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Mubarak family statement following the successful conclusion of all their international judicial proceedings

17 mai 2022  

Gamal MubarakThe decade-long legal battle for the Mubarak family has come to an end following the recent ruling of the EU General Court which acknowledged once again that restrictive measures imposed on the family by the EU Council were unlawful from the outset and following the decision of the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s office fully exonerating Alaa and Gamal Mubarak after their 11-year criminal investigation was concluded.
                                                                                                Gamal Mubarak

Video statement by Gamal Mubarak on behalf of his family may be viewed on YouTube.

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Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s office fully exonerates former Egyptian President Mubarak’s sons

13 April 2022

Gamal MubarakSwiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office has closed its 11-year investigation and confirms that Alaa and Gamal Mubarak are exonerated. The decision vindicates Alaa and Gamal’s position about the legality of all their professional activities and assets which were fully declared to the relevant Egyptian authorities.

Gamal Mubarak

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