Practice Areas

Over the years, the firm has developed a recognised expertise, often confirmed by case law, in classical as well as cutting-edge areas of law.

The Firm is very active in litigation involving individuals, covering disputes relating to family, commercial, inheritance or administrative law, particularly in areas of criminal law, civil or professional liability, protection of personality and individual privacy.

In business law, the firm offers its expertise in matters of arbitration, both institutional and ad hoc, domestic and international, as well as in all types of proceedings, in litigation relating to the performance of contractual obligations, debt recovery and insolvency, collective or individual employment disputes, as well as both national and international business criminal law.

In its advisory capacity, the firm assists individuals in all areas relating to the organisation of their lives, in particular settling in Switzerland, personal and estate organisation, inheritance planning, and philanthropy.

The firm advises businessmen, regarding the creation of their business, their development, their set-up in Switzerland, mergers or acquisitions, restructuring, in relation to the various aspects of the law of contracts, company law, banking and finance law, not forgetting administrative as well as property law.